The Salsa Kitchen – A Chiang Mai Gluten Free Restaurant

With the importance of 100% corn tortillas in Mexican food, few cuisines lend themselves as well to Parking Gluten wholesale mlb jerseys free friendly eating as Mexican.

Additionally, since we have 2 Portions! members of our immediate family with celiac disease, we have a special awareness and understanding of the do’s and don’ts of gluten free eating.

So come on living in cheap jerseys and wholesale jerseys have a taco, some flautas, some nachos, a chipotle enchilada, a plate Emergency of ribs and much more and rest wholesale mlb jerseys easy knowing that we LA understand your food de allergy and that we can Food! accommodate your needs.

As always, we ask that anyone who has cheap nba jerseys a gluten or any other food allergy to make this known to wait staff, so that we can be sure to give you all of what you want and none of what you don’t! ?Blaumann Should you ever have any questions or special requests, please ask for Ede or John. If we are not in the restaurant, staff can always reach us by phone.

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