Organic Pork!

We wanted to put up a quick thank you here to Jeff, Sarah and Ai Seud at Fair Earth Farms for raising us two beautiful and very well cared for pigs.

Not every pig gets reared with love, in fact it’s a fairly safe assumption that few pigs destined for dinner tables get to run around a farm, get fed fresh organic garden veggies and get daily scratching behind the ear sessions (and the occasional shared sip of beer) from farmers who really puts the welfare of the animals first.

They ran around and lived a social life and ate good food and never had to face the stress and misery of transport at the end of their lives. They lived normal and contended piggy lives and they were cared for in the way an animal should be cared for, whether it’s a pet or not, just because that’s the right way to do it.

And the pork tastes fantastic – like the best pork you’ve ever had. And it’s now been transformed with the best of our abilities into a lot of sausage and ham and bacon and ribs and chili braised pork and a few other things that we hope you’ll really enjoy.

So take a look at the Fair Earth Farm website to see all the cool stuff they’re doing right here in Chiang Mai and if you’re in the neighborhood, come on in for some organic pork!

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