A Chiang Mai Vegetarian Restaurant – 11 Great Mexican Vegetarian Entrees!

Vegetarian Food in Chiang MaiThere are two kinds of restaurants in this world – those that cater to vegetarians and those that (although they may have one or two vegetarian options on a menu) treat vegetarian options very much as afterthoughts.

At the Salsa Kitchen, we offer 11 great tasting fully vegetarian options. We do not simply ‘omit’ the meat from a dish and call it a veggie plate, we instead work from veggie up – and add meat to some dishes to make them more meat eater friendly.

Because in truth, the heart and soul of Mexican cooking hardly comes from rich cuts of meat…beans and corn make up the true soul of good Mexican eats.

We feel that if you get the beans right; everything else falls into place – the beans are everything. While in Mexico, cooks might simmer their beans in pork lard for extra richness, we simmer our beans with onions that have been sautéed in oil until deep golden brown, and this adds a ton of flavor to the earthy goodness of the black beans that we use.

Some of the vegetarian options available include:

  • Vegetarian nachos
  • Refried black bean burritos
  • Quesadillas filled with refried black beans, sautéed peppers and onions and tons of melted cheese
  • Sweet potato fritters with a cilantro pesto sauce
  • Vegetarian crispy fried chimichangas
  • A spicy vegetarian chili topped with melted cheese and served with hot fried corn tortilla chips
  • Many more

We are also happy to work with customers to create vegan dishes or to create dishes omitting and ingredients that do not fit into your dietary plan.

We welcome vegetarians and are proud to consider our restaurant a true vegetarian friendly place, and of course, and most importantly, the food tastes great!

See you soon!

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