Thanksgiving Week Mexican Turkey Specials

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Pumpkin Soup with Sour Cream and Ancho Drizzle…59

Adobo Turkey Quesadillas with Fiery Cranberry Sauce

Two griddled flour tortillas filled with adobo roasted turkey and melted cheese, served with chile spiced orange cranberry sauce and mashed honey citrus sweet potatoes. With sour cream, 3 homemade salsas and pineapple-jicama salad…199

Adobo Corn Tortilla Turkey Enchiladas

4 corn tortillas in an ancho adobo sauce filled with roasted turkey and topped with melted cheese, sour cream and fresh cilantro. With mashed honey-citrus sweet potatoes, 3 homemade salsa, sour cream and pineapple-jicama salad…199

Set Menu

Start with the soup and choose either main course…239

Vegan Mexican in Chiang Mai

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We have a number of dishes that are meat and dairy free. Vegan menu options include:

  • Chips and salsa
  • Chips and guacamole
  • Mexican bruschetta (specify no cheese)
  • Mango salad (this is normally shrimp-mango salad but I often eat without the shrimp and I think it’s just as good)
  • Winter squash soup
  • Veggie tacos (just be sure to specify no cheese or sour cream)
  • Veggie chimichangas (likewise, be sure to specify no cheese or sour cream)
  • Bean burritos (same as above)
  • Sweet potato quesadillas or veggie burritos (specify no cheese or sour cream)

All sides (Mexican red rice, pineapple-jicama salad etc.)  are totally vegan, as are all homemade salsas.)

New Gluten Free Menu

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gluten free menu